Amber {SBM königsberg Manufacture}

The State of amber manufacture (Staatliche Bernstein-Manufaktur GmbH) also known as (SBM), based in Königsberg (East Prussia) Germany, was founded in 1926 under the pre-eminence of Preussag AG and was first known as "Staatliche Bernstein-Manufaktur GmbH". The company existed until 1945 and employed temporarily up to 1500 employees.

The Manufactory opened its representative offices in Paris, London, Vienna, Brussels and New York. The articles of the Manufactory gained international acceptance also due to participation in numerous exhibitions where they were repeatedly awarded with high rank prizes.The State Amber Manufactory became the largest in the world enterprise for extraction and treatment of amber. A high artistic level of its mass production played a significant role in the promotion of amber articles far beyond the borders of Germany.

A special attention was given to the quality of making and high artistic level of amber articles. From the beginning of the 1930s a wide advertising campaign was launched aimed at promotion of the «German gold» within the country. The "Day of Amber" was celebrated in Palmniken where huge models of the production were shown during a gorgeous parade.

Articles of the Konigsberg State Amber Manufactory

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The various range of the articles produced at the Manufactory was divided into five groups.

The most numerous group included jewelry articles. The other group comprised of the household articles. The third consisted of the articles of religious faith. The fourth group involved souvenirs, commemorative medals, sports prizes as well as various badges.

However, the production was not limited to only serial products. The fifth group included original works of art, sculptures and raised works from amber. And the famous models of amber sailing vessels became truly rarities.

Some of SBM marks

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